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CenDat Solutions has partnered with Jedox AG to provide cost effective data management solutions for CFO’s and business executives. Customizable applications, with ease of data access in Excel and the web, help executives make more informed decisions while improving numerous business and financial processes.

CenDat Solutions, LLC was co-founded by Gary Joyce, a seasoned multi-billion dollar industry and private equity fund CFO. A common theme experienced in numerous CFO roles, was the lack of accessible detailed data for business processes, reporting and analytics – either directly in Excel or via the web. Sourcing and using data from expensive ERP implementations down to base level accounting systems has always been problematic, leading to inefficient, time consuming and costly processes. This dilemma is faced by CFO’s and business professionals across all industries.


As a result, during his tenure as a private equity fund CFO, Gary identified a Business Intelligence
platform (Jedox) that was sufficiently flexible and scalable allowing development of numerous
applications. These included Fund Data Management, detailed financial consolidations used by several portfolio companies, portfolio-company tracking and sales analysis.


CenDat Solutions was also co-founded by Joseph Joyce. Joseph, a Product Manager and Integration Specialist, spent a decade working in software development in the Mortgage Software industry before being introduced to the Jedox platform.  Joseph immediately recognized the significant potential Jedox affords companies in all industries and subsequently joined Gary in forming CenDat Solutions. 

Our Team

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Gary Joyce, Co-Founder
Joseph Joyce, Co-Founder

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