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Take Back Control of Your Fund Data

CenDat Solutions Fund Data Management application can transform your back-office operations and empower staff with access to data and tools not available in other Fund Accounting software options.


CenDat has developed a flexible pre-built application that can be easily tailored to your specific fund, including a suite of prebuilt customizable reports (directly via dynamically linked Excel spreadsheets or the Web). All reports and workflows are dynamically linked to the centralized database and are automatically updated as new data is entered.


Our application compliments your existing accounting system by providing automated partner allocations, ILPA calls and distributions, capital account statements, flexible waterfalls, hurdle calcs and more ….No more complex and manual partner tracking spreadsheets – with all your related Excel® workbooks and processes automatically updated simply by changing the date!

Key Features

Flexible Reporting

Meet internal and external reporting requirements with fully customizable reports - dynamically through Excel and via the web

Automate Workflow

Automate workflow processes including: waterfalls, carry calculations, IRRs, MOICs, and more

Automatic Allocations

Allocate transactions down to each investor automatically with custom defined allocation methodologies.

Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner

We are a proud marketplace partner of Sage Intacct for our Fund Management and Accounting solution.

Example Web Reports

Fund Allocation Methodologies
Draw Summary

Additional Features

Automate Calls and Distributions

Automatically generate investor level call and distribution notices with a few simple clicks.


Get the same benefits of other dedicated fund management solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Excel, Web, and Mobile Interfaces

Our application supports Excel, Mobile devices, or the Web as an interface into the system, ensuring users can use whichever method fits their need best.

Investor Level Capital Account Statements

Easily generate investor level capital account statements or other reports.

Embraces Excel

Keep employees in familiar systems by supercharging Excel instead of trying to replace it.

Single Source of Truth

Centralized cloud database ensures all users share the same data, eliminating different versions of the same data. 

Link to Underlying General Ledger

Directly interface with your underlying General Ledger, including QB Online, QB Desktop and Sage Intacct.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

Extensive suite of dedicated connectors to popular systems as well as supporting REST and SOAP API to allow connections to any web facing API.

Powerful Rules Engine

Completely customize the application for your fund's needs with a powerful underlying rules engine.


Eliminate data versioning challenges with multiple user reporting.

Flexible Platform

Flexible underlying platform allows full customization and creation of additional applications as needed.

Example Excel Reports

Cap Account - Qtr
Cap Account - Trans
Hurdle Calcs
ILPA Call & Dist.
Waterfall - Excel.png
Capital Account Statement - QTR - Excel.
Capital Account Statement - Transaction
Hurdle Calc - Excel.png

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