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Easily Monitor Portfolio Company Performance

Tracking financial and operational data from your portfolio companies can be cumbersome, difficult and inefficient. Reporting to your LP’s the portfolio performance, summaries, histories can be time consuming and frustrating. 


Different deal teams keeping various data spreadsheets, different reporting structures and formats, numerous file locations, deal-team EBITDA adjustments not reflected in company reports, no dashboards and trend analysis, no ability to track and compare working capital and cash – sound familiar? If so, CenDat Solutions, partnered with the Jedox platform, can help alleviate these frustrations and lack of accessible data.


Streamline your Portfolio Company data reporting processes by utilizing our Portfolio Company Tracking and Performance solutions. Dynamically integrated with Excel and web reporting, track financial performance, KPI’s, working capital and cash trends etc. from a single centralized source of data. Create performance and KPI dashboards, monitor trends, compare to budgets and prior year – all in dynamically linked Excel spreadsheets or via the web (including mobile access). 

Key Features

Performance Tracking

Information at your fingertips. Quickly and easily monitor all aspects of the underlying investments.

Trend Reporting and Analysis

View underlying trends and quickly identify performance concerns.

Working Capital and Cash Tracking

Analyze all aspects of working capital and cash and benchmark against all investments.

Automate Deal Team Tracking

Deals teams can manage, monitor and analyze performance data rather than inefficiently compiling tracking spreadsheets.

Example Web Reports


Additional Features

Dashboards and KPIs

Use prebuilt dashboards to track performance data and KPIs or build your own with our fully customizable platform.

ILPA Capable Reporting

Easily generate ILPA format statements or other reports with our flexible reporting engine.

Link to Fund Management Solution

If you also utilize our fund data management solution, all of our modules are capable of syncing together to ensure data flows seamlessly between all reports.


Get the same benefits of other dedicated portfolio company management solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Excel, Web, and Mobile Interfaces

Our application supports Excel, Mobile devices, or the Web as an interface into the system, ensuring users can use whichever method fits their need best.

Embraces Excel

Keep employees in familiar systems by supercharging Excel instead of trying to replace it.

Single Source of Truth

Centralized cloud database ensures all users share the same data, eliminating different versions of the same data. 

Extensive Integration Capabilities

Extensive suite of dedicated connectors to popular systems as well as supporting REST and SOAP API to allow connections to any web facing API.

Powerful Rules Engine

Completely customize the application for your fund's needs with a powerful underlying rules engine.


Eliminate data versioning challenges with multiple user reporting.

Flexible Platform

Flexible underlying platform allows full customization and creation of additional applications as needed.

Example Excel Reports

PortCo Summary
Financial Summary
Rolling Trends
Net Debt
Portco Report v2 - Excel.png
Portco Financial Summary - Excel.png
PortCo Trends - Excel.png
Summary Net Debt - Excel.png

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